A BRITISH space boffin has managed to snap a spacewalking astronaut from his back garden — with a webcam and homemade telescope.
Martin Lewis' amazing photo shows the shuttle Discovery docked to the International Space Station.

And incredibly NASA's Steve Bowen can be seen working on the end of a robotic arm.

The snapshot was a massive achievement because the spaceships were 230 miles above Earth and speeding across the night sky when the photo was taken.

Father-of-two Martin, 49, a software engineer, captured the shuttle and orbiting outpost as they passed over his back garden in St Albans, Herts, on Wednesday night.

He said: "I rushed home from work to get my eight and a half inch homemade telescope set up in time for the pass. I took around 4,700 frames with my webcam and then combined the 30 best to get this photo.
"Two astronauts were 3 hours 30 minutes into a lengthy spacewalk when I got my shots and Steve Bowen was riding the shuttle's Canadarm robotic arm.

"You can see him as the bright dot at the end of the arm extending from the shuttle in my picture - possibly sunlight reflecting from his helmet."

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