Youtube User: JoeEichLester | October 16, 2010 |"Truth, like art, is in the eye of the beholder".
Kevin Spacey in Clint Eastwood's "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Quando c'e` da riprendere cose interessanti improvvisamente vengono tutti colpiti dal morbo di Parkinson...

Lara180702 2 hours ago
Lara180702 2 hours ago ormai la gente non sa cosa più inventarsi,e se pure ci fosse un altra vita sicuramente non ci diranno mai niente di vero ci faranno credere quello che vogliono loro.

themissiphone 10 hours ago
themissiphone 10 hours ago haha they probably have no sound because they were laughing too hard

Foolish4Productions 1 day ago
Foolish4Productions 1 day ago why blood is red ?

naturetonyx 3 days ago
naturetonyx 3 days ago Its not a fake people. Its a cake! :P

erfansvideos 4 days ago
erfansvideos 4 days ago It is a fake...

#1. The skin is impossibly blue while the insides are red. It doesn't make sense.

#2. If this was real, it would be on the news and everywhere else all over the world.

#3. Why the hell would you bring someone along to videotape you and your dog on a morning walk up a mountain??

ImaGamerGurll 4 days ago
ImaGamerGurll 4 days ago This is for sure real, I mean why wouldn't you bring someone along with you to video tape you walking your dog. Seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.

taylorkerscher10 4 days ago
taylorkerscher10 4 days ago this is obviously fake because the blood is dropped in a straight line leading away from the leg

ExtremlySelfishChild 4 days ago
ExtremlySelfishChild 4 days ago lol this was awesome. it made my day.

shaktak 5 days ago

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