Proof the Jerusalem UFO was real plus first witness reports
Michael Cohen

It is now over a week since I broke the story of the astonishing UFO event that occurred in Jerusalem, Israel and spoke with key witness Eligael Gedalyovich. Since then a few spurious attempts have been made to debunk the UFO event. The findings of these attempts have sadly been picked up by the media and a few “scientific” journalists, terrified of the idea that humans might not be supreme in the universe, and reported as fact. If that wasn't bad enough, A very fake 3rd "UFO" video was sadly inserted into the event to discredit the whole affair and predictably this became the video the media chose to associate with the event. No surprise there.
The YouTube clip below is of an interview I did with Iain Lee of Absolute Radio in the UK, in an attempt to dispel the myths surrounding the event and prove that this was neither a coordinated UFO hoax nor a viral marketing campaign. The clip below also reveals, for the first time since the event unfolded, the first witness reports: based on my conversations with Eligael and other relevant parties. There is nothing I hate more than writing long, boring, somewhat technical articles attempting to prove this or that, but I have began to do so and the beginnings of that effort can be read below the video, for those interested. This will be updated over time-so check back. Please share the video and contents of this page if you feel they are worthwhile.
Before I get into the guts of this article I want to say I the point of this analysis is not to insist that this event was real: We can't be sure yet. In the event that the affair is conclusively debunked we at All News Web will be the first to accept the outcome. What I would like to demonstrate is that the event has not yet been debunked in any meaningful way, whatsoever. Here are some initial reasons why:

Sadly, the world of UFO enthusiasts is rife with bitter rifts. The entire debunking effort is centred on a handful of young adults hostile to this very website, who were hell-bent on debunking this event merely because I reported it. Don't believe that?: Check this thread out (the "well known hoaxer" is myself. The reasons for this particular online feud are too absurd to go into detail about however, in short, date back to an article I wrote doubting the phenomena of multiple alien abductions of one individual (funnily, I have come to doubt my old opinions on this issue) . That's right: The people who came up with the chief arguments “refuting” this event, the ones merely being mouthed off by the mainstream media, all claim to have been abducted by aliens themselves. Some others debunking this and being quoted by the mainstream press are right-wing conspiracists.

So what are the two main arguments sited to debunk the event and why are absolute nonsense?

The first argument used by the debunkers is that the original video uploaded by Eligael Gedalyovich, with whom I have spoken to, seems to show mirroring around the edges which implies that an artificial shake effect was added to the clip.

This is inconclusive for the following reasons:

1. Some digital cameras have inbuilt software to deal with motion blur that includes the mirroring effect.
2. At the exact spot, in relation to the panorama, where the “mirroring” effect occurs lies a highly unusual and symmetrical building called the Inbal Hotel in the Jerusalem suburb of Yemin Moshe (look it up on Google).
3. it is possible, even likely, that Eligael Gedalyovich did use anti-shake software (many UFO witnesses do) to clean up the video before uploading it. Anti-Shake software uses the exact same mirroring effect as the software designed to add artificial shake

The second reason for brought to debunk the video is without any merit whatsoever:

It relates to the fact that it appears that in the 4th video there is evidence of interlaced scanning and progressive scanning in the one video, which would normally indicate that the whole thing might be computer generated. According to this argument the background shows interlacing (this is in-fact correct) while the UFO shows progressive scanning (this is false). This argument is based on the fact that the object appears like it has been progressively scanned due to its blurriness. The person who came up with this argument has no access to any of the alleged back-end programming of the video. They are merely relying on the appearance of the object: As if they know what a UFO shooting upwards should look like!

Another point: Much is being made of the fact that the witnesses have not come forward with their footage for analysis. This is an invalid point. The event took place above the Dome of The Rock/Temple Mount: possibly the most contested and politically contentious piece of land on earth.
Israel might not feel that it can afford the luxury of assuming this is a hoaxed UFO event in light of their “leave nothing to chance and take no risks” defence policy. It is likely that by default the footage has already become the property of their security agencies and the witnesses told to keep quiet while investigations are underway.

To be continued....

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