Are NATO subs guarding the ancient Atlantean UFO spaceport? Atlantic Ocean - (Lemuria Courier): Officially the fleet of three nuclear warhead-armed subs only exists in classified Pentagon disinformation files.

But round-the-clock covert surveillance of the ancient civilization hub has been busted open by WikiLeaks' latest revelations.

Published today the whistleblower's scathing salvo lays bare the NATO operation as critical to the survival of the western world.

And it cites 'relentless Vatican pressure' to destroy the marine site amid paranoia its existence could topple religion.

"Kinda cute to describe organized blackmail, warmongering and terror as pressure" one UN Security Council permanent member commented today, "but whaddahell! Jesus wept."

Military protection of the 10,000 year-old site began in the early 1950s when advances in sonar technology detected unusual frequency pulses 'somewhere off the Azores'.

Emanating from beneath a curious dome-shaped erection on the sea bed they were initially attributed to the remains of a sunken Nazi U-boat.

During John F Kennedy's presidency US Navy Seals were sent to explore the phenomenon - and managed to film what looked like a vast military silo roof opening under the Atlantic waters.

Footage identified a number of vast UFOs inside the structure leading to the renewal of Pentagon theories that the ancient Hyperborean race had used the facility to house their astonishing spaceport.

Was this why the Vatican ordered that fatal hit on JFK?

A transcript of that particular leaked cable message will be published shortly.

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  1. This information could change the world, can't wait to hear more.


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