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Three weeks ago this publication broke a story about incredible UFO footage captured in Jerusalem, Israel where a glowing object was seen descending to just above the Dome of The Rock/Temple Mount.
Shortly after the first video of the event was uploaded onto the net two other videos of the same UFO appeared (excluding the third video allegedly shot by American tourists, an obvious fake)
This UFO event was covered extensively by news outlets and set the Internet ablaze with debate. Of most interest was the fact that these videos proved totally bullet proof against any debunking efforts.
The witnesses however were nowhere to be found and were not answering any questions.
I myself managed to speak to Eligael Gedalyovich, the witness who filmed the first video to get publicity, shortly after the event. On calling a second time, however, I was politely informed by his wife that he did not want to talk to me again.
Now it seems Eligael has decided to speak out himself about his experience (see video below).
He discusses his belief that aliens or otherworldly beings seem attracted to the conflict or spirituality of Jerusalem and he promises to set out to prove that he did indeed film the event from the Armon Hanatziv lookout (As I, for one, have insisted upon from the start).

Note: There does appear to be a problem with the sound in the video, it is very faint. There is nothing we can do about it as we did not upload the video.

Watch His Explanations:

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