MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Wash. -- Is it a UFO or a loose part of a plane?

A Snohomish County woman sure would like to know after a mystery chunk of metal fell from the sky and hit her home.

The piece of metal fell from the sky, bounced of Theresa Kauffman's roof and landed on her back deck.

"It was hauling when it came," she said. "If somebody would have been out here when it came, it probably would have killed them."

What fell was a small, light metal panel about the size of a washing machine door. It's black on one side, white on the other with a couple of dings from the impact.

And it made a sound which, as Kauffman puts it, sounded like "Woo woo woo!"

Now Kauffman wants to know what it is and where it came from.

"This is the strangest thing that's happened to me," she said. "I've never had anything this weird happen like this before."

Kauffman says she heard the thing coming about 15 seconds before it hit. So she's sure someone didn't just throw it, and it didn't fall out of a tree. And it didn't fall off of a truck, either, as Kauffman doesn't live by the highway.

But she does live on a hill.

Her best guess? "I thought it was off an airplane. That was my thought," she said.

Kauffman gave the mystery piece to officials at Paine Field. But they have no idea what it is.

Flight records show only one plane flew over Kauffman's home, and the pilots found no parts missing.

And the piece of metal features no rivets or serial numbers.

So could it be what hit Kauffman's roof came from a galaxy far far away, a close encounter from outer space?

"Ooh, I don't know," she said.

Kauffman says she's already received a couple calls from UFO fanatics. But the incident hasn't made a believer out of her.

"I don't really believe in them," she said. "Somebody's got to be responsible for it. It doesn't rain sheet metal, you know."

So the mystery lives on, at least for now.

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