If you're ready to believe, then this is the place for you.

"I think everybody should be interested. Isn't that the biggest story in the world? Visitation from an extra terrestrial civilization?" says Jeff Willes, a skywatcher.

More than 700 people are here in the valley for the 20th Annual International UFO Congress. It's the first time the annual convention is being held in the Phoenix area.

'Evidence' of alien life forms are on display, and there's even one woman who claims she's not entirely human.

Cynthia Crawford is a sculptor from Apache Junction who makes statues of extra terrestrials.
She says people who buy them are often visited from alien lifeforms.

"When they have contact, sometimes taken on ship, sometimes it's only telepathic communication," says Crawford.

Speakers will talk to the crowd about alien technology and government coverups. They're also examining the 'Phoenix Lights' sighting in 1997.

"Everybody needs to read the material, read literature," says Bob Teras from Las Vegas.

Teras comes to the convention every year. He started to believe after a visit to Area 51, and he thinks a lot of people who have had contact just don't realize it.

The good news? Everyone at the convention agreed that extra terrestrials aren't coming to Earth to do us any harm.

The convention goes through Sunday. It's $50 dollars to attend the lectures and free to visit the vendors. They just ask that you come with an open mind.

International UFO Congress
Fort McDowell Resort and Casino
February 23-27, 2011
10438 North Fort McDowell Road
Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

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