Bristol - (Pie-in-the-Sky): Locals said the craft was festooned with a neon sign depicting the Triple Tau.

The emblem forms part of the heraldic colors of the Holy Royal Arch - a masonic appendant body catering to the architectural branch of freemasonry.

The sighting is extremely rare according to Ufology nuts who have traced the offshoot to the Ancient Arabic Order of the Knobs of the Mystic Shrine.

On the night of Friday 17th December the craft's passage across the winter sky had been observed by onlookers in the Bristol Ram pub.

Witnesses said the smaller UFO had been disgorged earlier from a much larger mothership - an ominous craft emblazoned with Freemasonry's legendary square and compasses sigil.

The junior vessel then zoomed off in a northerly direction towards a well known architectural salvage yard specialising in local period refurbs.

It then returned to join its parentcraft.

Similar UFOs have been sighted in the Avon Valley area over the years at times connected to blond young women ending up on Bristol mortuary slabs.

Glenis Carruthers' 1974 death some 200 yards from Jo Yeates' home coincided with a 'massive cigar-shaped object' seen in the sky which, apparently, had the Order of the Secret Monitor insignia on its side.

Unconfirmed reports have also mentioned the ensign of The Rite of Baldwyn - a Freemasonry offshoot in the city of Bristol whose 'camp' confers five degrees - on a UFO in 1996 near to where Melanie Hall vanished...

"Of course they've edited that UFO malarky from the Crimebotch reconstruction," a Bristol Ram pub quiz team source said today, "don't want to upset the local Rotary Club!"

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