Billy Meier, the self proclaimed prophet whose UFO interactions have long been disregarded, has gained an unlikely ally in George A. Filer.

Filer is a retired United States Air Force Major and long time director for the non-profit UFO investigative organization MUFON and recently went against the grain in giving his endorsement to Meier.

The support from Filer comes after years of MUFON's disregard for the Meier's alleged “contact” with UFO's that included a number of communications between him and humanoid beings called the Plejaren.

Photographs that were captured by Meier in the 1970's and before the days of digital photo-editing are now prominently displayed on Filer's website.

According to Michael Horn, the U.S. media representative for Meier, MUFON has created a particular set of rules that the organization uses to determine whether a case is worth opening an investigation into and has never had any interaction with Meier's case at any point in time.

"While there is no doubt that the mainstream media and governmental interests suppress information about Meier's nearly 70 years of authenticated extraterrestrial contacts, for unknown, inexplicable reasons MUFON also appears to be preventing public knowledge of the case. The question is, why has an organization supposedly dedicated to researching claims such as Meier's failed to do so... for the past 41 years? Obviously, if it's true, it's the most important story in human history," said Horn.

"The UFO aspect of the Meier case is very attention grabbing. But far more important are the unheeded warnings of very specific threats to our future survival that are now coming down upon us. The only possible source of such disturbingly accurate information is from far more advanced beings, who verifiably provided it to Meier decades before the events occurred. Considering how long it's been known to them, it's quite puzzling why the Meier case hasn't been priority number one with UFO organizations such as MUFON. Perhaps our future would be looking very different had they been willing to investigate and broadly publish their findings.”

Not only does Filer give merit to a number of Meier's supposed UFO photographs, he also has given his promotion to independent research done by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, who had thoroughly investigated Meier for years.

Who is Billy Meier?
Bill Meier is a Swiss man who claims that he has had extensive communication and contract with extraterrestrials for almost his entire life.

Meier claimed that his first contact with an alien life form came at the age of five when he was contacted by an elderly extraterrestrial named Sfath.

Meier has since become a huge collector of UFO photographs, having caught a number of alleged spaceships or flying saucers on camera from 1970's onward.

In 1975, Meier claims that he was contacted by a group of beings that hailed from the planet Pleiades and that he has had continued communication with the group through face-to-face meetings and telepathically for years.

During these different points of contact, Meier says that he was given a wealth of evidence to show that the Pleiades were in fact real, including detailed photographs and videos of their home world, sound recordings and was even given the opportunity to test one of their weapons.

In the years that followed, Meier has claimed that a Third World War would break out in November 2006, a date that has since been revised numerous times.

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