UFO Over Texas After New York & China: What's Really Happening? As of late the UFOs have been the talk of the town. The predictions over “October 13th 2010” have left people in a UFO frenzy. The bizarre appearance of the shiny objects recently in New York City has given new directions to the discussions and debates on UFOs. Many social networking sites have been found posting videos and photos of the silvery objects that have been spotted lately.

Speculation have been made that the UFO sightings were merely a cluster of balloons released in different parts of the city that was observed a few days back. Interestingly, there were other stories related to the UFO sightings on the same day as well as on subsequent days. Reportedly, another rumor that is coming forth on the scene is the disappearing of a village after it witnessed the UFO.

Still, Chinese news agency has not given any confirmation regarding the matter nor it is found indulging in the same. Therefore, it is just claimed that the entire village disappeared.

A UFO video was shot a few days later the New York UFO video was shot in El Paso Texas. In the video it is evident that an image similar to that of meteorites seems falling quickly and then it stops in mid free-fall then hovers and does other aerial maneuvers.

Interestingly, a Texas news caster has pointed out as seen in the video that the shiny objects have a similar alignment to one of the formations by the NYC UFO.

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