Reporting of Unidentified Flying objects is on the increase, and even many European Politicians are demanding that the European Union release top secret documents regarding U.F.O.’s to the public.

Listed below are the top U.F.O. Hotspots:

Arizona, United States

Arizona, according to information, Pheonix reports more UFO sightings that anywhere else in the entire world. The Pheonix Lights is a well documented account of a mass sighting that occured in 1997.

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona is associated with the New Age Hippy sightings, in which it has been defined, that Aliens visit here they are attracted to the energy emitted by natural vortexes in the region.

Apache National Forest

Apache National Forest, is famous for where Travis Walton was abducted and experimented on by Aliens , which was later made into a gripping film.

Bonnybridge, Scotland U.K

Bonnybridge, Scotland U.K is where many believe is the world’s best place to sight a U.F.O. It has been reported that over 300 sightings are seen here from what is considered the highest for any small town in the world.


Mexico has an unprecedented number of U.F.O. reports since the events of July 11th, 1991, where a mass sighting occurred during a solar eclipse. There have been footages of U.F.O.’s flying over restricted airspace and probably one of the most famous mass sightings in the world to date, took place in 2005, when thousands of people reported over 100 bright objects performing tricks in the sky.

Route 51, Nevada

Last but not least is Route 51 along Highway 95, Nevada. This stretch of road has had the most U.F.O. sightings reported in America.

“May the force be with you all.”

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