A UFO incident is making big news in Estonia currently. Allegedly a security camera at an unfinished power plant recorded a small UFO examining the area for almost an hour on August 28: However details of the event were only released to the public yesterday.

According to local media the UFO was shaped like a glowing ball with a diameter of less than a meter .

The object was in the camera's field of view for about an hour and was seen to take particular interest in crate of spare parts lying in the plant.
the object performed various maneuvers before suddenly changing direction and disappearing. The film itself has not been released due to security concerns however the above photo is still from the footage and shows the glowing UFO.
Local ufologists note that these UFOs were also observed in Finland at unfinished power plants. 'It is known that UFOs are often seen at a newly constructed power plants' commented Estonian expert Ufologist, Igor Volkov, who has spent over thirty years studying the topic.
Volkov also refuted claims that the object could have been ball lightning :'Ball lightning has a very brief life span and does not stay in one place for an hour'.
Volkov noted that this year has seen increased UFO activity in Estonia.

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