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"[The seemingly miraculous phenomena he will produce] will not be supernatural or preternatural events but rather prodigies of science and human achievements, but interpreted in such a way as to lead men away from God and toward the worship of the Antichrist... The prophet of the Antichrist and the Antichrist himself will be specific and identifiable persons!"—Jeanne Dixon (1)

As a race to ourselves as humans, it is expected that UFO and Extraterrestrial/Alien Disclosure would create a drive back to God—a kind of spiritual awakening would occur, raising church attendance worldwide due to fear of the unknown. And most of us would be looking for guidance, someone to protect us from our fears.

SEE: UFO Disclosure 2010: Vatican Secrets And The Coming Hoax
Previously, I have written that there is a movement afoot which would evoke mass hysteria and wonder at the coming of aliens to Earth. It is THE MIND CONTROL HOAX, hosted for us by a group of people or a government(s) intent upon control of their fellow man. A leader will emerge from the shadows who will ‘strike a deal’ and pretend to protect us from the ‘alien invasion.’ Seen as the world’s most powerful man, world leaders who would shake hands with the devil to protect their countries, would take the hand of this man. He is a false savior.
Christians know him as the anti-Christ.(2)

Muslims know him as Dajjal.(3)

Jews know him as Armilus.(4)

Psychics will remember the predictions of Jeanne Dixon from February 1962 regarding the ‘prophet’ of chaos, unrest, and materialism who paves the way of the anti-Christ. (5,6)

The media will be used for this purpose. Remember 9/11 and how it affected the world globally? Panic was created—mainly due to the media’s prolonged attention and lack of initial accuracy. Guesses were even made about who had perpetrated the events without proper investigation.

Horrifying images were shown over and over, terrifying the public as people of many faiths and races died that day. We assumed that the entire U.S. was under attack.

Without the media, the world would never have even known about the attack.

Media spreads garbage and filth as well as truth. Repetitive messages become false truths. Immorality becomes the norm. Many of us can look back and see the quick spiraling decline of societies around the world as they have been influenced negatively with hatred and evil. Most often hurt are the children, exposed to trash, preyed upon by pedophiles, and indoctrinated into a world of falseness.

Now the media will be used again in the coming hoax.

As media films the events live, the images will be streamed around the world to every corner through the internet, television, and cell phone forwarding. What people see is normally what they believe. Imagine seeing the Pope shaking hands with such a man as the anti-Christ, Dajjal, or Armilus. The public would assume that this is a good man and that he is a believer. SEE: UFO Disclosure 2010: Vatican Secrets And The Coming Hoax

The book of Daniel 12:4 gives this prophecy: “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

The to and fro are the thoughts of people. We share our knowledge through our media connections: the internet, satellite television, cable, text messaging, and streaming live video. We are now all interconnected. And the message which is most easily understood is a picture. No words are necessary. NOW are the End Times.

Because of this unique human-created network, it is important to see that there would not be a need for a UFO hoax to be created worldwide. A few key media-focused locations would be ideal. Also, the collusion of a few leaders, to begin the illusion down the false road to peace may be encouraged. These world leaders will give their countries over to the one who ‘shakes hands’ with the ‘aliens’ for protection. Others, believing the hoax and fearful of a dangerous outcome, would follow, like lambs to slaughter. That’s all it would take.

This is a kind of mind control foisted upon us. 9/11 created fear and terror. A hoax would too.

In 2009, an estimated one-quarter of the world’s population used the Internet. (7)

As of June 30, 2010, there are 1,966,514,816 Internet users worldwide, penetrating 28.7% of the population (6,845,609,960). The growth rate between 2000 and 2010 is 444.8%. (8)

“The global online video community will surpass 1 billion users by the end of 2010. This number of people is exceeded only slightly by the populations of China (1.3 billion) and India (1.1 billion), making this user group equivalent to the third largest country in the world.

Globally, mobile data traffic will double every year through 2014, increasing 39 times between 2009 and 2014.

Almost 66 percent of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2014.

The Middle East and Africa will have the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region at 133 percent CAGR, followed by Asia Pacific at 119 percent and North America at 117 percent.” (9)

We are also interconnected in another way—the way of God. Our spirits are all created by the same Creator. Our minds actually extend out beyond our bodies. Many call it consciousness. Together, we create global consciousness. And, there’s scientific proof behind it, as shown in the Princeton Global Consciousness Project. Mike Bara, author of The Choice has written about how the monitors (Random Event Generators –REGs) used in the Project detected the upcoming 9/11 terrorist attack:

“A few hours before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City, the REGs started to register an uptick in the random number generators. By the time of the actual attacks, the REGs were registering an even greater non-random distribution, and as the day wore on and the towers fell, as more and more people the world over began to hear of the attacks, the curve just kept climbing upward, peaking on the 13th of September 2001. Obviously, we all remember those first few tense days after the attacks, waiting for the other shoe to fall and not knowing if the enemy had other plans in mind, up to and including using pirated nuclear weapons in a U.S. city. By several days after the attacks, the curve still had not returned to normal, and the number generation remained dramatically higher than normal. A paper by Nelson, Radin, Shoup, and Bancel in Foundations of Physics Letters put the odds at hundreds to one against chance that the data registered was non-random. Or to put it another way, the numbers had meaning. The reaction of the computerized devices had been real, and it had been affected by our collective consciousness…..the Global Consciousness Project has run tests around 324 global events, ranging from the 9/11 attacks, sporting events, the deaths of famous people like the Pope, and global days of peace. The results are plain and inarguable: To the tune of a billion to one, these number generators react when the consciousness of the world is focused on something significant……..there is no question that the REGs jumped on September 11, 2001, even beginning a few hours before, as if the Universe itself could sense a great evil about to be unleashed.” (10)

The Universe is the energy of God. Holding that this is true, my understanding is that the Global Consciousness Project will pick up the UFO hoax prior to its enactment as well. I would urge the Global Consciousness Project to prepare and be ready to warn world leaders and the public.

As well, considering that the media will be utilized for the hoax, it is necessary to realize that the media itself would create the further rise in global consciousness toward one mind. It is difficult to rise above this and not be afraid if others are living in fear.

Prior to 9/11, many premonitions were received regarding the upcoming terrorist attack by regular everyday people. We all have the ability to dream premonitions. But the key is recognizing them and reporting them. Once again, I call upon the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) to develop an online resource for the reporting of premonitions as a failsafe for our country’s safety. Dreaming premonitions, telepathy, energy healing and such abilities of the mind are all gifts from God for our use. If we do not use these abilities, we will lose them. Worse yet, we will lose our country, our freedom, and the ability to control our own thoughts. Think for yourself. This is common sense.

The time of mind control is finished. To fight the enemy, we must be aware of what’s coming—a manmade alien hoax. Beyond this dimension is a place where time and space do not exist. This is what allows for the knowing of the possible future. Speak NOW. Do NOT be afraid. This is the time of COURAGE and OPPORTUNITY for future generations. To SPEAK UP is to change the future. Claim the future. Own it. And God is in that place, the future. Open your minds, open your hearts, open your mouths and speak.

Look around. There are reports of UFOs everyday. There's an offchance that one is real. But more than likely, these are manmade illusions and physical hoaxes. This is mental preparation for the public, for what’s coming. They wish for you to already believe that an alien invasion is possible. IT IS THE MIND CONTROL HOAX. That’s what common sense tells us.

What will we as the general public do? We will walk away. We will urge our leaders to not give themselves over to other humans impersonating extraterrestrials. This is only the road to hell—living under the control of others. That is not freedom. That is not free thought. That is mind control through fear. Fear is of man. Courage, love, peace, hope—are of God.

The day of the hoax is coming. It is prepared. But its destructive outcome is preventable. Our interconnectedness via the media and global consciousness can also help us.

What if Bibi Netanyahu says, “No.” What if Barack Obama says, “No.” What if the Pope says, “No.” What if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says, “No.” Better yet, what if these countries freely disclose what information they have regarding extraterrestrials NOW, prior to the coming hoax. (Roswell--we know that something happened there. The public isn't ignorant.)

They will save themselves. They will save their countries. As they walk away from a deal with a false savior, this too will be seen live. They can be the true leaders they claim to be, voting for peace between themselves, rather than giving up freedom to another. Because, to give yourself over to another is not peace. And then, we too, even those who have been deceived, will be able to walk away. If you do not, you will become slaves, giving up your children to a new master.

The key to avoiding this tragedy is for the world’s leaders to make peace NOW and offer full disclosure.

Peace comes with the understanding and respect that we are all God’s creation. It is also tangible, not just a signed piece of paper, but rather in deed as well as words. There are new ideas which will bring peace to the world, but they are being suppressed by those who choose to live for money, rather than by helping others.

This is the time of change. Change is coming. Whether it’s good or bad is our choice. Will we choose the ways and nature of God—love, peace, joy, and laughter, or that of destruction by our own hand. Those who will continue to suffer, as they do any time God is ignored, are the children. SEE: Now Are The End Times: Children Will Suffer

I call upon the leaders of the world to give up your pettiness, your egos, your threats to each other. This is not how it needs to be. This includes the Catholic Church. They have said that the possibility of extraterrestrial life is real. This would be the ideal moment for the Vatican which has been losing money steadily over the last several years due to many lawsuits, to come clean. The Vatican has spent decades covering up secrets—and some not so secret immoralities within the church. (11) This is the opportunity of those faithful still within its walls and who proclaim God to be honest.

I call upon the citizens of the world to speak out, speak up, and tell your leaders that you wish for peace, for a return to God, for a disclosure of true alien/ET information before the hoax, rather than turn your children over to another who only offers slavery and mind control. Without the ability to control our own thoughts, we will be unable to call upon God, the only true hope, when we really need to.

NOW is the time to live in hope, in courage, and in joy that there is always a way with God.

“Suffer the Children”

Liz Colado, essayist and poet, resides in the United States. A poet since childhood, her poems reflect the images and premonitions of her subconscious dreams. The writing of poetry has been her escape to a world apart, a dimension of other, a reality considered. The meaning of poetry has helped center her all of her life. She is also the main character of a life exposed, written by an anonymous author. Read the poetry of Liz Colado and consider the interior of her mind to be the discovery of a personal dream journal on the edge. The author publishes exclusively at Basil & Spice. Visit Liz Colado's Writer's Page.

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