Are some UFO’s hollographic projections orchestrated
by human elite and regressive alien interest designed
 to corall global population groups into buying into an
 elite-driven fascist agenda?

Advanced human made Satellite systems have the ability to create massive ‘HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES’. This is what you are often seeing with all the supposed ‘UFO’s’ across the globe. This strategy us also being used to in so-called meteor showers.

In one recorded incident there was a meteor captured on CCTV in America. It showed a streak of light and fire and a flash, yet when people went to the place of impact… there was nothing there?

More recently this very same scenario was played out in Sydney Australia, but this one was massive and the flash was so great, it prompted all fire, police and rescue services to race to the scene. When they arrived.. yes you guessed it, there was no apparent evidence of meteors.

The one thing you should keep in mind in relation to all these holograms, is the ‘LACK OF SOUND’, there is no sound whatever in relation to either UFO’s or these meteor showers. This operation is known as ‘PROJECT BLUEBEAM’ and these holographic satellite projectors are also able to place holograms of, ‘JESUS, KRISHNA, MOHAMED, and BUDDHA’ to excite the populations to except Manipulative Extraterrestrial interests as the representatives of each respective prophet.

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