DINWIDDIE COUNTY - What appeared to be an airplane in flames lit up the sky over parts of Dinwiddie County Tuesday night. Some people thought it was a UFO, and some people thought they had the unfortunate chance to witness a disaster in the making. But in reality, it was something quite different.

One man caught a record of what he saw using a cell phone camera. Others living on Colemans Lake Road walked outside their houses to gaze into the sky while others stopped on Route 460.

At about the same time, 911 calls to Petersburg and Dinwiddie started coming in.

"Around 11:15 p.m., we started to receive phone calls transferred to us from both the city of Petersburg and from citizens within Dinwiddie who were reporting that they saw an aircraft in the air that they believed to be either on fire or breaking up on fire and falling from the sky," said Dennis Hale, Director of Dinwiddie County Public Safety.

With the calls flooding in, communications begins to alert firefighters in the area.

"We dispatched it as if it were an airplane crash to the best area we could have available," said Hale. "We put three fire stations on stand-by until we could locate it."

Fifteen minutes after dispatching firefighters and putting several stations on stand-by, Dinwiddie County Authorities learned it was a military training exercise from the nearby Fort Pickett.

However, as a safety measure, the state police helicopters flew over that area of Dinwiddie County, just to make sure that everything is okay.

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