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A Texas police officer on duty in a burglary stake-out at 2:23 a.m. on September 24, 2010, in Kennedale watched a "saucer-like" shape moving around the sky over a 33-minute period, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The officer was parked with lights off and facing south along the west shoulder of 1000 Bowman Springs Road and was watching for burglars that have been stealing from local businesses by using 4-wheelers.

The light in the sky first appeared to be a "very bright flickering star to the east at about 45 degrees on the horizon," but then the officer considered that the object could be a plane.

When the object moved slowly to the left of the officer's position, binoculars were used for a better look.

"It was then I could see that what appeared to be flickering were rotating white, blue, and sometimes red lights," the officer stated. "The object appeared saucer-like in shape and made no noise. It would hover, then move left, right, and up several times during the duration which lasted 33 minutes."

As a jet came into the same airspace, the officer said the object moved away, but returned back to the same position once the jet left the area.

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The officer used a tree to track the object's movements.

"There was a bare tree branch in the foreground I used as a reference point, and could clearly see the object move. At times it became bigger, and one other time it moved straight away until barely visible, then came back to where it had been, but bigger."

There were lights on the object that were observed from the officer's ground position.

"The object seemed to have one bigger, central or top light, with the other lights going around it."

Low cloud coverage moved in and obscured the object from view, and when the clouds lifted, the object was gone.

While stating that the object was not a star, the officer would like to know if there are additional witnesses in the area who observed the same thing. In addition to Kennedale, the officer stated that it may also have been visible from "nearby Mansfield or Arlington."

Kennedale is a city in Tarrant County, population 5,850.

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